NA App Design

Real time updates and Important information about meetings
that are happening around the user.
Get directions to the meeting place,
connect with friends easily
and form positive habits
that will help them stay clean.


Adobe xd, Illustrator, After Effects


Research, UX/UI Design, Animation


App Feature- Interactive Map

The map is displayed on the home screen.
Users can find meetings that are happening around them, and get directions to the meeting place easily. Each meeting location icon shows how many
peaople are there.

נגן וידאו


App Feature- Real Time Group Updates

Real time updates for any group around the user. Any user can post an update for his group easily
through the app.


App Feature- Mood Tracker

Usually on NA meetings, participants tell about their day or how they feel today. On the app the user can choose the mood
that he is in.

נגן וידאו
הצעה ליצירת פרופיל

"your dicision to join makes a tremendous impact :-)"

הצעה ליצירת פרופיל 1

"What a great step you took!
You chose to take care of your sobriety :-)"


App Feature- positive reinforcement

When the user opens the app, he's gettin positive reinforcement for making the best step for his sobriety- creating a profile on the app and going to meetings.When the user opens the app, he's gettin positive reinforcement for making the best step for his sobriety- creating a profile on the app and
going to meetings.


During the work of the project,
I conducted several interviews with potential users of the application and identified their main pains.

I conducted a UX research in wich I found two main audience types.

User Personas

The first stage of research









  • emotionally detached.
  • distrust.
  • memory troubles.
  • rejection.


  • Connect with people.
  • Feel loved.
  • Stop using drugs.
  • Feel safe and have self confidence


  • Comes from a broken family.
  • No boundries.
  • A neglected child.
  • Drug user since the age of 13.
  • He wants to feel loved.



Cleaning Lady






  • anxiety.
  • distrust.
  • Helplessness.
  • denial.


  • Friendships.
  • Feel loved.
  • Staying clean.
  • Feel safe and have self confidence.
  • Have family life.


  • Sexually traumatized as a child.
  • Using drugs with her partner.
  • Foster child.
  • Drug user since the age of 12.
  • wants to feel loved and desired.


How can I encourage the app users to open a profile?

How can I provide a safe space & anonymity for the app users?

How can I encourage the app users to go to meetings?

מחשבון ניקיון
יומן מצב רוח


In order to encourage achievement, the user records meetings.

Every time he enters a meeting it is recorded in a diary.

He can also follow his sobriety days and celebrate them trough the app.


In order to ensure anonymity for users, it was decided to create illustrated avatars.

In the app, the user is invited to open a profile in multiple scenarios. When the app is loading and on every meeting he enters there he can document his mood.

adding a meeting to his calendar is also possible for registered users.

Home Screen

Visual Identity

Form & Style

Using round shapes and lines
reflects a positive message.
The application style is very friendly.
It tells the user that he has missed and it
is a very important step to
come back again.
Coming home, where it is safe
and healthy to be.


#00000 White

# FC6A39 Orange

Light blue #D9EFEF

# 28B6D7 Bright Blue

The task I was faced with was to
design a new identity for the NA
organization with the help
of new brand colors.
That would create a positive and
inviting atmosphere in order to create
a great connection with the users.

It was important to be
as loyal as possible to people with addiction
issues but at the same time
this style had to be modern.
The colors I choose
must match the meaning
of this organization
for its audience.

Splash screen


press play to see all screens

נגן וידאו

Site Map

When I was working
on the project
I drew the main map according to
the wishes of the people in NA.
Then I added all of
the key features
I believed would help achive
the goals of the app.


When I was creating
wireframes for the app,
I covered the minimum
functionalityof the application.
Then I expanded
the screens according
to the ideas and desires
of the users I interviewed.

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