Peech -Start up

Video Editing Algorithm

Interface Design Suggestion
an innovative video maker
for small businesses with a low marketing budget.


Adobe xd, Illustrator


Research, UX/UI Design, Animation

peech webpage

Target Market

Small business owners
Age: 30-60


An easy and cheap solution
to create commercial content
on a monthly basis.
They have no video editing skills.

My design meets the interface
right after the algorithm
finished editing the video.


Peech offers an algorithm that edits a video and matches it according to chosen platforms
on social media.

The algorithm designs the content by adding stickers, icons &titles.
It adjustes lighting and
does color correction.

Peech also creates a video
opening and closing,
name tags, logos.
All with in the branding
lines, look & feel.

During the work of the project,
I conducted research on other
video editors and players.


I conducted a UX research in
wich I found out how does
the editore works.
And who are it's potential users.

Video Editing

When the user starts the process
He needs to upload the following:

Speaker's name

Brand colors


Field of speciality

Visual Identity

The task I was faced with
was to understand the use
and audience of peech.

What it means to have no
video editing skills.

How does it feel?
What to expect?

Form & Style

Using round shapes and lines
reflects a positive message.
The interface style is very user friendly.

It welcomes the user
with explanetory video
so he would understand
immedietly what to do.

Visual Identity

Peech CEO Danielle Dafni
who introduced me the algorithm
requested to keep the brand's
look and feel.

Brand Colors
Young and playfull
Pink, Blue and Purple


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